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“We cannot think of what to say because of our ignorance.” (Job 37:19)

Is it possible that as Christians, we cannot think of what to say when the storms of life hit? Do we always “have the answer?” I noticed in the text for today, that in the storms or “whirlwinds” of life; God does speak. As it says in Job 38:1 “God spoke to Job out of the whirlwind.”

unity in diversity

harness the power of the storm (Isa 40:33)

The clouds in the cover picture are a world-wide phenomena that everyone can see sometimes when they look up. Clouds are a fitting symbol, that could represent the dark clouds we all experience from time to time in our personal experience. But the clouds can also mean shelter, and rain to help our trees and plants grow and flourish. Just like there are thousands of different kinds and shapes of clouds; so too do we have that many different kinds of people. And every one of them has their own personal storm.

Some like to think they have “the answer” for almost anything; but how can this be, if we are not there, if we don’t walk in their shoes, and if we cannot see their “clouds?”

In the text I selected today; Job concluded Elihu’s dark words without really getting any of his questions answered by God. The conversation between Job and Elihu seemed to touch on the tremendous claim that faith in God, in this case, might be far more important than Job’s apparent desire for an explanation of all of his terrible suffering. Elihu, I think, came very close to helping Job but then went down the very wrong path of just telling Job what to believe – or maybe what not to believe. One interesting point I have personally noted here is that this is right where God himself breaks into the discussion so that Job could draw the right conclusions from this important truth (Job 38:1). God had a list of questions for Job that was far longer than any questions Job could come up with for God.

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Job indulged heavily in a language of murmering and complaint. But in all that “whirlwind,” neither he nor his “friend” had a single, credible answer.

And then God spoke.

I too have some “whirlwinds” in my horizon. I too stand guilty as convicted for the language of murmuring and complaining. But then, God speaks.

I am a little scared to ask Him what questions He might have for me!

I think that this is just how it has been with me; and that is part of the reason that I keep saying: “Light in every cloud: Expect it!”

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