The Garden Alone

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Every year, I re-write this poem. I check it over, change a word, change some grammar, change the meter or rhythm, according to each new situation that, perhaps was not there, the year before.

Here is this year’s edition.

I sometimes feel like there is nothing holding me up but angels. It seems like my own strength ran out, around two years ago, and that it incrementally is less, each year. All kinds of things come into play when it comes to cancer; whether or not I am the one that has it. In fact, I sometimes feel like I have it too. We are so connected, so in love, if she is down I am down. If she is sick; I usually am quite affected by that too. How can I not be?

reaching for the stars
reaching for the stars

I have found that when there is no place left to go; when all the resources have been tapped, there is still somewhere to go, somewhere to rest, and somewhere to be finally sure about something:

The Garden Alone

(based on Luke 22:39-46

And there appeared an angel unto Him from heaven, strengthening Him…”

God was with Him in The Garden alone
Jesus conquered by strength divine
But the separation went deeper than bone
As the battle began; God drew the line

The Father didn’t want to remove the cup
The disciples slept from sorrows and fear
While Gabriel came to lift Jesus up
His sweat poured out as blood and tear

As crises supreme did heart and soul break
Jesus came alone to fight by petition there
The angel assured Him He made no mistake
For now He might answer the sinner’s prayer

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We all have to go to The Garden alone
We have to bring all the worry and care
For when we go we glimpse the throne
Yes, in The Garden, our Lord is there

Jesus conquered by strength not His own
And we can have that encounter today
As we go by faith to our Garden alone
To walk with Him, the believer’s way.

– by, all rights reserved, March 2005

Christ conquered in divine strength, and so must every burdened soul overcome. God was with Christ in The Garden of Gesthemane; and by this experience of Christ, I can learn to trust our Heavenly Father at all times and in all places. I have a place where I can believe that He is tender and true and faithful; able to keep that which is committed to His care. In the agonizing struggle of Christ our Substitute and Surety, the Father was beside His Son; and He is beside every soul that struggles with discouragement and difficulty.

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