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“…you must remain strong and not become discouraged. Your actions will be rewarded.” (2 Chron 15:7, ISV)

light in the cloudsLight In Every Cloud

I have been known to literally glare at verses like this one, even wave my fist and yell at God over it. It really doesn’t seem that simple some days.

There is another verse in Scripture which tells us that if we “have Christ,” then we “have eternal life.” (1 John 5:11-12, ISV).

At first glance, I wondered what on earth this could mean. And then it hit me. I asked myself, “what do you mean when you say you “have” a wife? And of course, the answer flowed quite naturally, reminding me that when I say “I have a wife,” I simply mean that I talk to, I go places with, and I do things, together, with/for her. And so this is how I decided that when I say “I have Christ,” I simply mean that I talk to, I go places, and I do things, together, with Him.

As a caregiver, it can all get very muddled, in a hurry some days. It may seem tiring and exhausting, or quite impossible. It may seem very unrewarding and fruitless. The only way I can deal with it somedays, is to just know from this text for today, that “my actions will be rewarded.” (2 Chron 15:7).

“…don’t let anyone move you off the foundation of your faith. Always excel in the work you do for the Lord. You know that the hard work you do for the Lord is not pointless.” (1 Cor 15:58). 

The other day, in the middle of the confusion, she just grabbed me from behind and hugged me, and said: “thank you for everything.”

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Sometimes, we will reap our “reward” in this life, sometimes, it will be in the next. But I like to think that nothing, none of my work or efforts go unnoticed. Just knowing there is always a little light, and that my work is “noticed,” is all I need, most days.

When troubles attack you, when care, perplexity, and darkness seem to surround your soul, and when you don’t see any light, simply look to the place where you last saw the light. Rest there, in that place, in Christ’s love and under His protecting care.

“There is always a little light…”

I pray that you can visualize yourself and God, together. I know the journey is tough; but this may be just the time to see yourself, walking together, with God, working together, with Jesus, or listening to the still, small voice of The Holy Spirit.

Whatever way you can hear God best. Tackling every challenge, Together. Rejoicing, Together. and Communicating Together, Forever.

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