The Cult Of Diversity: Ecumenical Trojan Horse

Reading Time: 7 minutesThe multivariate crusades for “equality” as a revolution by force and by transnational decree, to make us all “diverse” and “inclusive,” are all part and parcel of the “sustainability” that is the purported solution to “climate” change is here.

“Instead of being motivated by selfish ambition or vanity, each of you should, in humility, be moved to treat one another as more important than yourself.” “Each of you should be concerned not only about your own interests, but about the interests of others as well.” “You should have the same attitude toward one another that Christ Jesus had…(Phil 2:3,4,5 N.E.T.).

Jesus is Beauty & Truth: "altogether lovely"
Jesus is Beauty & Truth: “altogether lovely”
I have wondered if perhaps “the church” is avoiding her bible-bound responsibility to “call sin by it’s right name.”

Climate fear-mongering is reaching new heights. Every day, more young people wake up having no hope for the future because of radicalized elements from “climate” NGOs. In this past week I have had several young people tell me as much, with one young man, in his twenties even telling me he didn’t think he would be alive to reach forty years of age. He’s not even sure why. He just knows that every morning when he wakes up, and sees or hears all this hyper-real Religion of “Climate and Sustainability” that it has created the situation where he doesn’t know whats hitting him, or what he can even do about it. All he knows is that he is being hit. Every day.

The new consumer trend of acquiring and enacting eco-spirituality as a new consumer product is over-whelming to many young and old, alike. The whole reason our young people don’t know whats hit them; is because we are the ones doing the hitting. The only way our children would not know where to stand anymore is because we don’t. And the more we allow our children to be kicked around, the less we see of them – more of their person just stays locked up inside and we dont know who our own children are, because they dont have anything to hope for. We cant give it to them, because we dont have anything to hope for ourselves! Do we have anything for them to be hopeful about?

There are certain “Ecology/Environmental Lawfirms” in Canada (with head offices NOT in Canada), right now saying the cure for this lethargy and hopelessness is for all these young people to get involved with the program – with their program of creating this fear, promoting this climate panic in order to garner for THE NGO, (not the young people) even more money than they already have. “Lets work together and fix the environment,” they say.
Every email they send me has that Donate Now button right upfront and center, before I can even finish reading the message. They use a method of litigation called Lawfare, which essentially just uses our own laws against us to achieve their highly commercialized objectives. They especially seem to enjoy putting people out of work, and calling it “for the environment.” They have commoditized the whole process, monetizing every step of the way to “sustainability.” It certainly is a Very Green Deal for some.

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Freedom is readily understood by most people, and especially by people confined to dwell under conditions where their own wishes or needs on how to live their lives and speak their thoughts the right way are constrained. There should be no mystery about what freedom is, and what it means. It is as simple and necessary as breathing is to living. Philosophers and theologians have long discussed the matter in their esteemed and learned roles; people individually and collectively know intuitively whenever they are NOT allowed to live freely. And lets be clear, we are not talking about secular freedom which actually is not: we are talking here about FREEDOM IN CHRIST. (Gal 2:4, Gal 5:1).

The history of The Church, initially began with that quest for freedom. Some of that quest is pictured in the story of Moses leading the people of Israel out of Egypt to The Promised Land. (Exodus 6:13). Today’s BIG CHURCH is not “the first church.” When the real “first church” was enslaved in Egypt, they instinctively knew when they were no longer able to live in freedom; and “keep the Sabbath of The Lord Thy God.”
( Exodus 20:10).  Pharoh sealed their fate, until “The Lord Thy God” provided a way for their Exodus, and for the real “First Church” to keep “THE seventh-day Sabbath.”

Inspite of all thats happened since then, true freedom, remains a hotly contested idea today. Today, everyone is being “encouraged” to be “ecumenical” and forgo our “differences” for “the common good.” Once, earlier this week, I made an interesting Freudian Slip and called it “common God.” I wonder how much of a “slip” that actually was?

Today, the biggest church,(not the “first” church), has tentacles all over the world. Nothing or no one is untouched by their fiery, icy grip,  that they keep calling “the fulness of truth.” (Mark 15:54, John 18:18 “cold fire”++)

The only thing they really put on the table is “equality” by universal decree. (Rev 17:18).
The Trojan horse of “equality” and “diversity” IS NOW a “dragon” (Rev 13:2, Rev 13:11) that “loves to fight,” and from the very seat and authority of all earthly governments at The United Nations, this dragon, is speaking in soft, seductive tones, the one little drop of poison that will kill any church that swallows it. Apparently, every church, and every secular organization wants to drink the kool-aid.

True freedom is now continually pierced by the immediate needs that gratify the dragon’s mistresses of “equality,” “dialogue,” and “diversity,” in a society that is being told to no longer care about personal freedom. Everyone is just trying to survive. Many are scared to voice any question or protest. They know they will lose their jobs, or worse if they do. ( Dan 8: 23, Dan 8:25). The BIG Church’s DEMAND for “equality,” “dialogue,” and “diversity;” is the Trojan Horse that will wreck your church. Could this unholy trinity really be the cure for society’s injustices? (Dan 8:25). Will it really fix the climate?

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Could it be possible that the See-All “sustainability solution,” includes the biggest NGO, The United Nations? Who exactly proposes the momentum needed for an “ecumenical” tyranny that will far out strip any other burdens we may already have? Could it be that The New World Order, in the name of “freedom” and “democracy” IS  all just our prison?  Are we in “the cage?”
Maybe, we are NOT actually “free?” This dictatorial idea of “equality” has long been the springboard for just the opposite; frequently trumping all other ideas and quests for true freedom. Worldly “equality” and “diversity” have eclipsed The Church. People often can’t even see the church anymore, in their insane rush to be “ecumenical.” 

The ecumenical orthodoxy of the BIG church is destroying the world. It has nothing to do with “unity.” Will the first church survive?

When I was younger, I used to fight. I used to fight a lot. My personal motto was styled after a famous WWE Wrestler who would always say at the beginning of a fight, while beating his chest and hollering like an Ape, “I LIKE TO FIGHT!” Back in those days, nothing really mattered, or so I told myself. I didn’t care if it was just one, or if it was a whole group of guys after me. I would just beat my chest, and holler like an Ape: “I LOVE TO FIGHT.” I guess one could say that I “one-upped” that wrestler, by substituting the word “LIKE” with “LOVE.” I “LOVE to fight!”

One of the survival tactics I learned when “I LOVED to fight” was to just look at the group, pick out the biggest, strongest looking one, and say “I want you!” (growling like an Ape, of course). The reasoning of that tactic was that if you could make that guy cry, the rest would be easy. Ill leave it to everyone’s imagination how that actually turned out. (says the guy with a missing tooth, lol).

Satan also LOVES to fight! And Christians need to know that he IS the biggest guy in the room! He knows the ropes. He is “street smart.” He is well versed too, in going after the biggest one in the group that he habitually attacks.  (HINT: the biggest one in our group is UNITY IN CHRIST). Over and over. From age to age. I saw one wrestler once. He was really tough. Knarly even. He would give his multiple opponents the old “stink-eye” and smile, then turn to lock the door of the cage they were all in. Yes. He locked himself right in the cage with the opponent, and stood between the ONLY DOOR, and his opponents. No way to escape, except through him.

Friends, Jesus is our “Man in the middle.” Jesus is on the cross in the middle! Jesus stands UP between us and the Opponent of The Ages; as THE Desire Of All Ages! Jesus: Desire Of All Nations! All Nations! All Nations! (Hab 2:5, Hag 2:7). The enemy has to go through Him to get to us! We go through Him to get to God! There is never any way of escape from our common enemy; except through Christ. (John 14:6).

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The cross of Christ IS in the middle of everything we are! Freedom has always been very fragile for humanity. Dare we confine our “freedom” to licentiousness, or to the sardonic guile of the evil one? We need to ask ourselves, and each other. What does history show that happens when ideas that mobilize the collective arises against the individual? True freedom lies in the individual. ONLY the individual can give themselves to Christ and live for Him. The church, or a church can never do that for us. And the really GOOD news is that we don’t have to go for the biggest guy in the group! Jesus has already done that! Jesus locks Himself in “the room” with the enemy. Jesus ON the cross “stands UP” for His people! Jesus ON the cross Stands UP and between His people and the enemy!  (Dan 12:1, Gal 6:14)

F.E.A.R. threatens to engulf our young people. False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.

Hearts are frozen. paralyzed with F.E.A.R.

How come nobody in the room is crying about that? (Exodus 2:23).

My burden today has been for our young people. My prayer today is FOR my children. My message for today IS about YOUR children.

In the book “Messages For Young People, pg 53.1, we read: (paraphrased)

“If Satan sees he is in danger of losing one soul, he will exert himself to the utmost to keep that one. And when the individual is aroused to their danger; and with distress and fervor, looks to Jesus for strength, Satan F.E.A.R.s he shall lose a captive; and he calls a reinforcement of his evil angels to hedge in the distressed soul, and to form a wall of darkness around them, that heaven’s light may not reach that soul. BUT if the one in danger perseveres, and even in helplessness and weakness casts themselves upon the merits of the blood of Christ; Jesus listens to any earnest prayer of faith, sending in a reinforcement of those angels which excel in strength, to deliver the soul that petitions of the Lord.”

“At the sound of fervent prayer, Satan’s whole host trembles.”

++ re “cold fire” – I have always pictured Peter as standing at that fire and shivering away because he could not get warm. Mat 24:12 says “the love of many will wax COLD…”

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