“There Is Always A Little Light”

Reading Time: 6 minutes“There Is Always A Little Light” (Micah 7:8)

Anyone who has known me for a while has likely heard me talk about how there is “always a little light.” As I tried to extend this thought, and explore what the Bible has to say about this light; I came across the following:


The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death, light is sprung up” (Matthew 4:16).

Light In The Clouds“Light In The Clouds”

DARKNESS” as emblematic of an unsaved state, is very frequently referred to in the unerring Word of God. Salvation is represented as someone¬† being “called out of darkness into His marvellous light.” (1 Pet 2:9).¬† Those who have experienced this change, cannot but be perfectly conscious of it. In this verse there is a description of:

I. Our Condition without Christ. “The people which sit in darkness.”

1. Darkness implies a state of IGNORANCE.
Christ is the Light of the World; to be ignorant of Christ is to be in darkness about the Father, for “no person knoweth the Father but the Son, and he to whom the Son will reveal Him.”

2. Darkness implies SUPERSTITION. Where there is no light there is sure to be false and exaggerated views of things. The light of God’s truth always reveals the foolishness of our human wisdom. Our darkened mind cannot think the thoughts of God, and so we build castles which have no foundation but in the air of our own imaginations.

3. Darkness implies DANGER.
The position is described in the text as being “in the region and shadow of death.” To be in the poisoned region of unforgiven sin, is to be in the shadow of the second death. Separated from God. Those who are in darkness cannot see the shadow; this makes their condition all the more perilous. To be in ignorance of Christ the Saviour is to be already in the region of death, having no fitness for the regions beyond, of eternal life and glory.

4. Darkness implies a condition of HELPLESSNESS.
“They sat in darkness.” When the light dawned upon them they were sitting in darkness, as if they did not know where to go or what to do. This is the attitude of those who have, through failure and disappointment, come to an utter end of themselves. All the sparks of their own kindling only made the darkness the more dense. It was when they discovered their own helplessness and hopelessness, that the “great light sprung up” (Matthew 4:16). The darkest hour is the hour before day-break. (Psalms 30:5).

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II. God’s Effectual Remedy.
“The people which sat in darkness saw great light.” The light that has come through the appearing of Jesus Christ is indeed a “great light.” Those who are not satisfied with sunlight will never be satisfied with any light, for there is no greater than this. Those who do not find the light of Christ sufficient for the darkness of their hearts and lives, will for ever remain in darkness, for there is no greater light than this. There is nothing like light for overcoming darkness. Christ is that light, and this true light now shineth.

As darkness is emblematic of ignorance, superstition, danger and helplessness, so light is emblematic of knowledge, truth, safety and power. This light has come as God’s message of hope “To them which sit in the region and shadow of death” (Matthew 4:16). Alas, that so many should condemn themselves, by preferring the darkness to the light, because they love the deeds that are evil (John 3:19). There be many who have seen this “great light,” but there are few who follow it. While ye have the light, believe in it, and ye shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

GOD Himself Shines In Our Heart

“God hath shined in our hearts” (2 Corinthians 4:6). This is why Jesus says “I am the Light of the world.” (John 8:12). And IF Jesus is in our heart; IF God shines in our heart; Jesus says we too become “the light of the world!” (Mat 5:14).

When the blessed sunshine breaks out from behind the thick clouds of darkness, there is no mistaking the fact that a great change has taken place. This is just such a change as takes place in the benighted soul of man when the light of the knowledge of God breaks through the darkness.

I. The Source of this Shining.
“God hath shined.” This light is not of man’s kindling. Out of the darkness within no such light could ever be produced. Only He who could “command the light to shine out of darkness” could cause such a light to shine in the sin-darkened hearts of men. The light of the knowledge of God is the light of God Himself. It is a definite and direct act of the infinite mercy and goodness of God upon the individual soul. “God hath shined.. God, who is Light, and in whom is no darkness at all, is still shining through His Son Jesus Christ, by His Word.

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II. The Place of this Shining.
“God hath shined in our hearts.” The brightest thing in Heaven is the darkest place on earth. This God-shine in the heart brings with it a double revelation. It shows by way of contrast how dark the heart by nature was, and how hopeless it was for it in itself to create such a soul-satisfying light. It is also a revelation of the character and presence of God in the heart. This is not so much a light created by God, as it is the light of the presence of God in the heart.
Into every dark crevice of the soul this shining has come. It is the nature of light to cast its influence over everything that is anywhere within its reach. In shining into the heart this light enters into every act and deed of the life, into every thought and feeling and motive of the soul’s activities. God hath shined His light, and wisdom has come to take the place of our darkness and ignorance. The god of this world had blinded the mind, but the God of Heaven hath shined in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of God (2 Corinthians 4:4).

III. The Purpose of this Shining.
“To give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God, in the face of Jesus Christ.” This shining of God, in His glorious grace, upon and in the heart, gives us to know something of that glory that has come to God in and through His Son Jesus Christ. God hath shined in our hearts in answer to the atoning death of His Son, by which His Holy Name has been glorified. This shining assures us of much more than the existence of God, it is the manifestation of His glory-the glory of His saving grace-in the face or character of Jesus Christ.

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As all the colours of nature are in one single ray of pure white light, so all the attributes of God are perfectly harmonised and embodied in this revelation of Himself. Knowledge is light, but the knowledge of the glory of God which is radiant on the face of Jesus Christ; is the brightest and most effectual light that ever pierced the darkness of a human heart. It is a light that transforms the whole inner man, and that adorns with the beauty of the Lord; it is the dawning of that great eternal day upon the soul, which will never be followed by the darkness of night but which will brighten as the hours and years go by, until the perfect day of perfect likeness, face to face. God hath shined. Walk in the light and ye shall not stumble. (John 11:9)

“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness.” The sense of unworthiness will lead the heart to hunger and thirst for righteousness, and this desire will not be disappointed. Those who make room in their hearts for Jesus will realize His love. All who long to bear the likeness of the character of God shall be satisfied. The Holy Spirit never leaves unassisted the soul who is looking unto Jesus. He takes of the things of Christ and shows them unto him. If the eye is kept fixed on Christ, the work of the Spirit ceases not until the soul is conformed to His image. The pure element of love will expand the soul, giving it a capacity for higher attainments, for increased knowledge of heavenly things, so that it will not rest short of the fullness. “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness; for they shall be filled.” {DA 302.1}

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