Little Flowers In The Rain

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“…the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose…” (Isa 35:1)

Some who know me well will recognize that I like flowers. Many others have said things like “guys are not supposed to like flowers,” yet I have felt drawn to them since I was a little boy, picking Dandilions to make my Mom a Dandilion Necklace. I remember the sweet smile my Mom would have on her face whenever I presented her with some gift that I had made for her out of flowers that I would find while playing outside. Sometimes, I think I would make her something out of those little flowers, just to see that smile one more time. And then came the day when I discovered Hollyhocks. Beautiful bright colours of every kind. Mom really liked those things I made. All I knew was the happy look on her face when I gave her my latest creation from little flowers.

Now, I am older, and will soon face the one year anniversary of my late wife’s death. I used to buy her flowers when she was sick all those years. They would never fail to cheer her up. But some had commented saying things like “who did I really buy those flowers for?” Whenever I bought some, I would spend some time photographing them. We would have these great discussions on how beautiful they looked. I noticed how those flowers would brighten the room and add some cheer to the day for us both. The one year anniversary, I am told is always “very hard.” By the sounds of it, I am supposed to go into some kind of grief and remorse, and generally have a big “poor me” session for this event. I am told that I have “lost her love.” Well, I may have lost the relationship that we had. But how can one “lose” love? I have never understood that. That love she left me in my heart, will always be there. Like the flowers I love, that love in my heart will continue to flourish and grow. And so I find much gratitude in my heart today. Her cancer, and her death has not changed my gratitude.

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My Wife Died Ezekiel 24:18
My Wife Died Ezekiel 24:18

I have used that love from my wife’s heart to mine, to continue, rather than “lose” her love. I mean, its in my heart. Does it really have anywhere else to go? Except, perhaps to someone else’s broken heart? So for this first anniversary, I am planting flowers. Lots of them. I will use them to bring cheer to the people in my life, and to add a dimension of brightness and colours to my own home. When I think of these flowers and how they flourish and grow inspite of the storms of grief and loss, I look forward to seeing them all come to life, and add growth, and uplifting thoughts to anyone who sees them.

These flowers seem a fitting tribute to the love I have experienced in my life, and to whatever future love that awaits my reception. I share all of the love that I have had, and add it to what I experience today. I have not “lost” her love. I simply continue with it. I have a photograph on my wall that I took. And the caption I put on it says: “all of me, loves all of you.” Its how I live my life, and develop new growth, with the people now set in my path. I continue with all those good things from my past, into all of the love I experience now. Yes, there are things to celebrate today!

And all because of little flowers.

I give all the credit to God. He has made me glad. By His power; I live in love with others today. And I think its certainly, in part, because of flowers. By the grace of God, I am living in faith and love today. Perhaps, I will soon have the most colourful house on the block? Perhaps someone will be a little happier when they see their growth and beauty? I hope and pray that someone’s day will be a little brighter, as they grow into full bloom.

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This doesn’t have to be an “ending.” It doesn’t need to be a mountain of inconsolable grief. I don’t need to fall apart.
As I gaze upon these little flowers, they seem to say

“Begin again.”

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