THE Gospel Ministry Of Clouds

Reading Time: 4 minutesHello and Happy Sabbath, Light In The Clouds Members. Last week I mentioned that this week we would be able to study from an article called Salvation At The Cross: Part Two. That article will not be ready to post until next week due to unforseen technical challenges. I hope you will enjoy this article that is enclosed. It speaks to my heart, because there is some personal experience involved here. I recently had the question put to me by someone:

“what if we could see the clouds in our experience, from the other side of those clouds?”

This one question has stimulated much study and learning. I had never thought of this question before. I am sure that I will write about this question again soon.

THE Gospel Ministry Of Clouds

“Blessed be the Lord, Who has given rest to His people Israel, according to all that He promised. Not one word has failed of all His good promise which He promised …” (1 Kings 8:56)

light in clouds
light in clouds

Do not fear the clouds and storm and rain; look at the bow in the cloud, in the very rain itself. These all are signs that the sun, though you cannot see it, is shining still. That up above, beyond the cloud, is still sunlight and warmth and cloudless blue sky. We can believe in God’s covenant.

“Not one Word of all His good promise has ever failed” (1 Kings 8:56,Jer 29:10).

Believe that the sun will conquer the clouds, warmth will conquer cold, calm will conquer storm, fair will conquer foul, light will conquer darkness, joy will conquer sorrow, life conquer death, love conquer destruction and the devouring floods; because God is light, God is love, God is life, God is peace and joy eternal, God is without change, and labours to give life and joy and peace to man and beast and all created things.

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This was the meaning of the rainbow. It is a witness that God, who made the world, is the friend and preserver of man; that His promises are like the everlasting sunshine which is above the clouds, without spot or fading, without variableness or shadow of turning.

“People see not the bright light which is in the clouds” (Job 37:21).

The world owes much of its beauty to clouds in the sky above them. The unchanging blue of the summer sky hardly compensates for the changefulness and glory of the clouds. Earth would become a wilderness apart from their ministry. There are clouds in human life, shadowing, refreshing, and sometimes draping it in blackness of night; but there is never a cloud without its bright light. “I do set my bow in the cloud!” (Gen 9:13)

If we could see the clouds from the other side, from above the clouds, from heaven, where God is, where they lie in billowy glory, bathed in the light they intercept, like the great ranges of Alps, we should be amazed at their splendid magnificence.

We look at their under side; but who can describe the bright light that bathes their summits and searches their valleys and is reflected from every pinnacle of their expanse? Is not every drop drinking in health-giving qualities, which it will carry to the earth?

Children of God: If you could see your sorrows and troubles from the other side of the clouds; if instead of looking up at them from earth, you would look down on them from the heavenly places where you sit with Christ;(Eph 1:20); if you knew how they are reflecting in prismatic beauty before the gaze of Heaven, the bright light of Christ’s face, you would be content that they should cast their deep shadows over the mountain slopes of existence. Only remember that clouds are always moving and passing before God’s cleansing wind. — Selected

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“I cannot know why suddenly the storm
Should rage so fiercely round me in its wrath;
But this I know– God watches all my path,
And I can trust.

“I may not draw aside the mystic veil
That hides the unknown future from my sight,
Nor know if for me waits the dark or light;
But I can trust.

“I have no power to look across the tide,
To see while here the land beyond the river;
But this I , know– I shall be Gods forever;
So I can trust.”

The “sudden storms” will happen to us all from time to time. A friend of mine told me this week, about an amazing example of looking at our storms, looking at our clouds, from the other side of the clouds. From God’s side, if you will. My friend came from an abusive home. One night the Dad had his wife pinned to the ground, in front of the kids. The hunting knife was raised up in the air, apparently, to take her life in his drunken rage. The Mom, thinking she was going to die by her husband’s hunting knife, looked over the shoulder of her husband, calmly, politely, to the sky above; and said in an audible prayer:

“Ill be there soon my Jesus.”

Immediately, the man dropped the knife, and wandered away in a huff, mumbling, babbling some kind of confusion. He had decided to not kill his wife, based on that one simple thought expressed to Jesus by his wife whom he was going to kill with his hunting knife. (1 John 1:1-3).

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According to Scripture, the clouds in our personal life, our own experiences, when seen from the other side, will reveal “the shadow of The Almighty.” (Psalms 91:1). Light is always required to make THAT Shadow. (Psalms 91:1)

“Jesus is THE Light of the world.” (John 8:12)

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